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Gutter Guard Installation

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A customised gutter guard or leaf guard fitted to your specific roof style, gutter profile and debris type will help prevent water damage, prolong maintenance periods and extend the life of your gutters. It will also assist with rainwater harvesting; prevent vermin nesting in your gutters; and help to protect your property from bushfires.

The top three quality products suited to your property

Our experience (170,000 buildings maintained since 1992) combined with our wide selection of guards will ensure you get the right product to meet your needs. We will professionally assess your requirements and provide you with a quote outlining the top three products suited to your property. All you need to do is choose your budget.

We want the best solution for our customers so we only make recommendations that we know will work. Our gutter guard range comes with product and workmanship guarantees. That’s why if you need a gutter guards Houston or a guard for your gutter we are the right people to call.

Where gutter and leaf guards work well

  • Keeping your gutters and downpipes flowing prevents frustrating and expensive water damage from heavy rain and thunderstorms.
  • Bushfire prone areas – Fire resistant leaf guard can help reduce ember attack and bushfire risk to your property. This type of gutter guard is long lasting, complies with council regulations and can be colour matched to your roof. It will help you complete your 
  • Bush Fire Survival Plan as recommended by the NSW Rural Fire Service.
  • Rain harvesting to fill your water tanks. A guard helps maximise your catchment of rainwater flowing into your tanks.
  • Helps prevent birds, possums and other vermin nesting in your gutters and roof cavity.
  • Removable guard with a 15 year product warranty. Its major advantage is that it can be easily removed for cleaning and then replaced again. This product is not 100% effective at keeping out debris, however it will keep you gutters flowing and prolong time between cleans.
  • Gutters with the right leaf guard installation will last 2 -3 times longer if maintained correctly.
  • Specific types of installations can also be used in situations such as schools to keep balls and thrown objects out of the gutters. Our record so far is cleaning 82 tennis balls out of a 2 storey downpipe.

Bulk discounts

  • With the large amount of work we complete, we can buy gutter guard in bulk at a discounted price and pass the savings on to you.

We’re ready to help – fixed price quotations

Contact us and one of our friendly installers will visit your Houston property and give you experienced and professional advice. We’ll discuss your options and show you the products we recommend and explain how and why they work. Our fixed price quote provides you with the peace of mind of no cost blow-outs. As a bonus we’ll professionally clean your gutters for free before the gutter guard is installed.

Below is some honest and proven gutter guard and leaf guard information that some companies aren’t forthcoming with or don’t have enough industry experience to know.

All gutter guards require maintenance

The perception is that if you have a gutter guard installation then you will never have to clean your gutters again – this is incorrect. With 23 years’ industry experience in Houston, we have seen tens of thousands of buildings with gutter guard and all of them require maintenance—some more than others.

Leaf litter will still build up on your roof, in your valleys and on top of the guard. Some companies will advertise that their product keeps out the leaves and sticks but fail to mention the silt accumulating in the bottom of the gutter. Over a period of 2 – 4 years, dust or fine particles from trees, city pollution and construction sites will settle on your roof. When it rains, this dust washes through into your gutters forming a build-up of silt. Small seeds make their way into this silt resulting in plants and moss growing in your gutters.

What to avoid

X Cheap plastic products commonly available from hardware stores: In a short period, it will perish and sag into the gutter adding to the problem you are trying to solve.

X Chicken wire: The aperture of the holes is too large letting seeds, sticks and small leaves into the gutter.

X A fixed leaf guard you can’t see through: If you can’t see through it then you can’t see the silt building up. This also makes it time consuming and expensive to clean out the accumulated silt.

X A fixed flat leaf guard installation inside the gutter: The leaf debris settles on the top and quickly breaks down through the guard, forming a thick layer of silt.

X We also don’t recommend having a permanently fixed gutter guard installation if you have unsealed concrete roof tiles, as these tiles shed a large amount of grit and it quickly builds up into silt underneath the guard.

  • If you’re not sure if gutter guard might work for you or need advice, contact us and one of our friendly team members can meet you at your property to discuss your options.

How to maintain a gutter with an installed guard

We complete this maintenance after a period of dry weather so that any silt or build-up can be blown out of the gutters. We don’t recommend flushing gutters with water as this only shifts the silt down the system into the stormwater lines increasing the possibility of expensive blockages.

If you have gutter guard or rain guards installed and your gutters are blocked or over-grown with weeds, contact us and we’ll visit your property and discuss your options.

Service areas

We provided professional gutter guard and leaf guard installation across the entire Houston, Texas metropolitan region.